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Repository is the system designed in order to provide visibility, accessibility and effective store of Ministry of finance and Planning information and documents in memory for future generations and prosperity. The Ministry Repository established in order to provide visibility, convenience and effective storing and dissemination of the Ministry information and Documents when needed to all staffs, stakeholders, policy makers, researchers, and the general public as well as preserve the MOFP memory for future generations and prosperity.It is an open access for collecting, archiving, preserving and distributing intellectual output of the Ministry.

MoFP repositories are a part of an emerging movement towards open access to research information are very potential and useful especially in this electronic era in which information is created, preserved and disseminated electronically. Due to the growth of Division and unit business process, the need to develop an MoFP repository is something which is becoming not only strengthened but also unavoidable due to its potentiality in the Ministry.