The MOFP library plays a central role as a provider of information and knowledge to the Ministry Organs and Institutions, Partners, Ministries and departments as well as consultants, researchers and the general public, for policy harmonization, decision making process and for strategic networking with the stakeholders both within the country.

Mission To develop a specialized centre of information and knowledge to MOFP and its institutions, partners, stakeholders and the country at large.

Vision A centre for effective and efficient information dissemination of MOFP and its institutions in enhancing and developing economic growth of the country.

MoFP Library Objective

Main Objective

The main objective of the MoFP library is to offer relevant information and knowledge for supporting the MOFP Organs in fulfilling their mandate.

Specific objectives
1 Specialized in the collection, organization, and dissemination of analyzed information which enhance MOFP activities.
2 To collaborate with other information centers and libraries within the country to develop wide knowledge in the provision of information.
3 Provision of Current awareness services and Selective dissemination of information
4 To be a centre for research seeker information