Library CAS (Current awareness services)

This is a service through which users are informed promptly about materials that have been newly received in the Library. Users get information that is pure and new. This service keeps its users well-informed and up-to-date.

Preparation of Current awareness
1 Review or scan documents (some time records of documents) immediately upon receipt.
2 Select information and demonstrate to the notes body and library website ready to end users. This is done by comparing the information with the needs of users being served.

How we provide CAS services
1 Display of newly acquired materials on the display racks in the library for people to view it.
2 Display of table of contents of newly acquired books and pasted on the notice board at strategic places.
3 Newspaper cuttings arranged in an album or in a file in an office cabinet. Creating this awareness helps researchers and library users to have access to current information and development in their area of interest
4 Alerting heads of department when new materials arrived

This service is very essential to be provided by us (librarians) to the Ministry leading to the following advantages
1 Helps to keep users better informed.
2 Provides access to needed documents.
3 Support staffs, Professionals and Management skills.
4 Provides information in a preferred format.