Library Lending services:

You can borrow books, CDs and other information materials to use in and out of the library for a specified duration. Staffs of the Ministry of Finance are only allowed to borrow books. Other users from outside the Ministry are not allowed to borrow books, Our Customer Services staff will be available at the service points during staffed hours.

Service offered
1 Number of books borrowed per person =3 books.
2 Maximum time per person to hold books = 14 days.
3 Current issues of printed journals will be made available within 12 staffed hours.

What we can do for you:

We offer an extensive library lending service, with comprehensive ‘back office’ support. Valid cardholders can borrow a wide range of items. A large number of electronic resources are also available online.

Who this is for:

Our lending services are available to staff and members of the public. However, if you are not a staff member restrictions may apply.

How to use it:

Simply visit our libraries during opening hours. You will need a valid staff library card to access the lending facilities during self-service opening times. Available in our libraries, self-service facilities allow customers to borrow and return items.

Renewals Services

You are allowed to extend the duration of the material you had borrowed from the library, if no one else has requested it.


We do not charge valid cardholders to borrow items from the library in line with our library regulations. However, charges are made if items are not returned on time or are lost or damaged.

How we support you:

Our experienced Customer Services staff will help you during normal staffed hours. They are located at the Customer Services Desks.