SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information)

This service keep users informed of new resources on specified topics.

We do send notification to users about items or information of interest to them. The Ministry of Finance and Planning have almost 20 departments which cutters different fields. We provide specific information according to the information concerning Economics, finance, policy etc

We provide SDI services in the following ways
1 Display of newly acquired materials on the display racks in the library for people to view it.
2 Display of table of contents of newly acquired books and pasted on the notice board at strategic places.
3 Newspaper cuttings arranged in an album or in a file in an office cabinet. Creating this awareness helps researchers and library users to have access to current information and development in their area of interest.
4 Purposes of SDI is to help users to cope with information overload, and save users time as long as they don’t have time for reading probably because of the nature of their work and little time for research and as such may prefer readymade information.
The main objectives are to satisfy the users’ informational requirements and needs.
1 To bring the right information closer to the user.
2 Users will have time to concentrate on.
3 To provide information to the users at their convenient time.
4 It creates a good relationship between the librarian and Information users.
5 The users will have access to the right information at the right time and place.