Ministry of Finance and Planning Library plays a major role in accomplish the Ministry objectives by providing current, accurate, and relevant information. The library holds information that is very useful for development and growth of the Country economy collected since Tanganyika independent. Around 11,000 materials collected (Subject Books, Journals, CD, Reference Collection, Regional and International Organizations Publications, Periodicals, MoFP Publications, publications from other ministries and Institutions).

However, through the rise and use of ICT’s the MoFP library holds two systems which fastening to collect, preserve and making the library publications highly utilized. These are.

i. OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue, it is an interface of information retrieval system which assist users to access resources of library using several access points such as author, title and subjects

ii. MOFP repository an online system for collecting, preserving and disseminating publications generated by the ministry

MoFP library provides electronic resources which are subscribed databases and open access databases and these databases holds different publications such as books, journals, articles, periodicals, dissertation, thesis and conferences papers. Also, Library offers a good study environment.

Staffs are highly encouraged to use library materials so as to expand knowledge that will assist on performing daily activities.